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Waxing Services

Please advise prior to your service if you are under the care of a dermatologist using Retin-A products, taking medications, vitamin supplements, or any other products which may result in special skin sensitivities. We do have a No Cycle Policy on All Brazilian/Bikini waxing services.


Gentle hair removal for face and body leaves the skin silky smooth.


Brow                           $20

Lip                               $15

Chin                            $15

Nose                           $20

Ear                               $20

Side burns                $20

Full face                    $55 

Underarms              $40

Full Arm                   $60

Half Arm                  $40

Half Leg                   $40

Full Leg                    $70

Feet                            $20

Bikini                        $45   

Full Bikini               $70

Brazilian  Wax       $80

Back Wax                 $80

Chest Wax               $80