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Massage and Body Treatments



Elemental Nature Massage

Our signature massage uses swedish massage techniques with your choice of an Aveda Essential Oil. This classic stress-relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to increase blood circulation, reduces stress, sooth sore joints and muscles. A perfect massage that’s great for unwinding! 

60 minutes        $70
90 minutes        $90
120 minutes      $120

Couples Massage
Maternity Massage
Fusion Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Chakra Balancing Massage
Stress fix Body Massage
Cupping Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Ear Candling
Thai Stretching Massage


Body Treatments & Energy Healing

Guided Imagery

Bringing you to a safe meditative state get ready to release stress, anxiety, fear and depression with Guided Imagery. Let us relax your body, mind and spirit from the inside out. In our high stress, busy, day to day living we form new physical holding patterns that are not healthy relaxation for our body. Our mind is trying to protect us by igniting our fight/flight or freeze mechanism, which is designed to keep us from being eaten up by a saber tooth tiger, not running from place to place. Guided Imagery relaxes our autonomic nervous system into its pure state of relaxation.

60 minutes       $75
90 minutes       $95

Shamballa Reiki Session
Rosemary Mint Wrap
Aqua Polish
Brazilian Toe
30 Minute Energy Balancing


Massage Enrichments

Hot Stone Placement

Aligning hot stones along the back to warm up muscle tissue prior to massage.
***Please note this is not a Hot Stone Massage.


Cold Stone Facial Massage
Mini Facial
Kinesio Taping
Jacuzzi Soak



Ask us about customizing a package with your favorite services or adding a service to an existing package at a discounted price.